Relatively new to Domo, but I don't see this questions asked previously and am running into a wall- hoping for some help from the community.


One of the requirements for our organization is that we display only information to the end user that is attributable to them; for instance, a member of the sales staff can only see the number of sales that they have made, not every sale made by the organization.


In all of our transactional systems, we have an EmployeeID that is unique to the person associated with any particular record (in the example above, a sale). What we ideally want to do is set up one page with the set of cards (i.e. a sales staff member page) that contains the all the applicable metrics, but is filtered for just their own data (i.e. all of the data on the page filtered only for records where EmployeeID = ‘12345’).


The number of end-users is high and turnover is frequent, so we don’t envision setting up a customized page for each user is a scalable solution. We have SSO set up with our Active Directory instance, so ideally we would have a filter on the page (or each card) that filtered the data based on the EmployeeID which is part of both the transactional data as well as the user profile, but we have not found a way to do this. We were offered a suggestion to use publication groups based on the Domo user emails, but given that we reuse email addresses based on a naming convention of first initial + last name, the first time we have a new employee with a re-provisioned email address (i.e. [email protected]), the prior employees data would be errantly associated with the new user.


At the end of the day, really all we are trying to do is filter card data for only the active user based on an attribute other than email address- curious if anyone has tried to do this, and if so, how they handled it?

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    You shouldn't need one publication group for every employee. You would need one publication group for each group of employees. I have a page I share internally with our sales people and a few other groups.


    You need to have a column of data that holds the users email address. The email address will be case sensitive when Domo checks the data against the email address in the users profile.


    Once you have that, you'll use the email option when you set up the publication group. It should look something like this:

    Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 3.55.47 PM.png


    In this example, the data set is called "Product Metrics: Active Customers", the field we're using for filtering is called "Relationship Manager". That field is the email address of the sales rep responsible for the account in the data.


    If you need help setting it up and you're at Domopalooza, let me know and we can spend a few minutes on it.


  • Hi @jackb1117


    question, every single employee in your organization will have an active license for your Domo Instance ? meaning each employee has a Login ID and Password to go into Domo ?


    or what you are trying to do is to export all the set of cards created to each employee filtered by employee ID?

  • Thanks for the response, @Godiepi!


    Yes, every employee will have an active Domo License.

  • The best way to do it is through the publication groups.


    Yes , It is based on the User Email address but when you created the Publication you set it up this way


    User : [email protected] , Data filter EmployeeID#555  filtered column = EmployeeID 555


    now for incoming new employees , they have to be manually created in Domo as new users.

    and after that a new publication created for that employeeID.


  • @Godiepi - Thanks!


    It certainly makes sense, my only concern with that approach (and apologies if I am not understanding, still getiing myself up to speed on Domo) is that wouldn't I then have to create an idividual publication group for each new employee? That wouldn't normally be a huge deal, but given the number of new sales staff that comes on regularly, I worry that we will get slogged down in a ton of administration-type work (i.e. some mondays we have 40+ sales staff start). 


    I am not opposed to going with a brute-force approach, but was hoping that perhaps there was a more elegant solution. 


    Thanks much for your suggestions- much appreciated! 

  • Yes, thats true. Everytime you create a new user in Domo, you'll have to create a new publication group.

    That is at least the only way I see it now.


    on the other side Domo has been working on a  "Scheduling reporting" tool or feature that will come out soon.

    I dont know when or how it will work.. I saw that on a reply in the "Exchange Ideas" section in the Dojo.


    I'll look for the link and I'll post it in a moment.

  • Thanks for sharing, @Godiepi!

  • @jmo- We will be at Domopalooza and would love to chat about it for a few minutes if you have the time!


    - Jack

  • Cool, I just sent you my contact info. Talk to you soon!!

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  • We haven't totally solved it, but have a few workarounds on the table that we are working through right now. I am OK with marking the thread as solved- thanks all for their input!

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