Second line on line/grouped Bar Chart

I want to be able to ping in a second line into a mixed line/grouped bar chart, is there a way to do this?

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    under chart properties, go to General and in the "number of lines" box, type in the number of lines you want on the chart. 


  • Is this solution still applicable?  I do not see an option in Chart Properties > General to change the "Number of Lines".  I do see an option to change "Number of Running Total Lines" to two, but this doesnt seem to let me put in another line value. 


    Specifically I am trying to load Actual Wages and Actual Revenue to the Bars, then in the same graph show Wage to Rev % (Act Wage/Act Rev) along with a line for Budgeted Wage to Rev %.



    Josh Armstrong

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    I think it's called "Series on Left Scale" now, but the same applies.  Enter a 2 there to show your first two series as lines.

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