Adding Images to a card

Can you add images to SUMO card? 

Can you increase the size of an image?

Can you add an image to chart grapgh?




  • Sara - 


    To a Sumo card, I don't know... I tend to think not.  You can to a table card, as well as resizing (to your question), but it requires the use of Beast Mode w/ embedded HTML coding.  While it can be done, Domo staff will not support the HTML piece of what you are trying to do.  


    there are some pretty handy Dojo customer/users though who may be able to lend a hand with a rudimentary example to get you started.  HTML is outside of my skill level, but I did see a demonstration of the capability today at Domopalooza, including the use of custom images in a bar chart, though I wouldn't say they were represented "on the chart" (like in lieu of a point marker), but rather "outside" the chart space itself.


    Try searching in the Dojo too for some examples of embedded HTML code, that might get you to a starting point as well.


    Good luck.

  • @Sara26, did ckatzman's reply help you out? 

  • @Sara26, here's a link to a Dojo post that has some examples of embedded HTML to pull in images to a table card.  



  • Hi,


    I have a slightly different use case using images. I have a publication group created which is used as the template to populate cards for about 10-15 different products. One of the requirements for the publication groups was that each of the product dashboards should have its corresponding image as the first card.


    In order to do this, I would like to be able to render the correct image for that proposition using some kind of filter in the publication group definitions. How and where can I store these images and how can I set up this rendering of the image on the first card of the dashboard?


    If you have some sample html code that can be used, can you also please share that?




  • @Avishek, please feel free to open a new thread for better exposure ? 

  • @kshah008 Thanks. Created a new thread for this.

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