Need ability to re-nest or move/copy existing pages or sub-pages to new subpages

I've built a page that we'll call "Activity Report" and nested it under a personal page I use to manage my customers.  I shared this page with my boss and he asked me to make those cards part of his dashboard which is used to share with the entire organization.


There is no way to copy the existing page over to another subpage (without goign through each card manually), I can only modify the order that it's presented in its current state. (in other words I want to put 1.1 under 2.1).


  1. Customers
    1. Activity Report
  2. Delivery
    1. Project

My alternative is to create a new sub-page or collection within 2.1 and copy each card over manually or share the 1.1 with the entire organization (which I'd like to avoid since it's my sandbox for new ideas).  Is there another alternative?

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    This was released last year and is currently part of the product.  I used it yesterday, in fact.


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