Connector for Cisco VOIP Telephony data?

Does Domo have an unpublished connector (or has anyone built their own) for Cisco VOIP telephony data?




  • Hi all,


    Can anybody help @ckatzman with their question?


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    @ckatzman We currently do not have a connector for Ciscio VOIP data.  Do you know what mechanisms they have for extracting data?  Is there an API? or do you to have to download a file?




  • Working on getting some more details... there is a "developers" page, with reference to developer API content, just validating that that's the right source and will repost as soon as I confirm.


    Today, the manager has to login to a site and manually select/retrieve various reports that provide customer service queue call details.  


    Will circle back, hopefully next day or so.


    Thanks for reaching out!

  • @ckatzman, please keep us updated ?

  • would like to know as well if there has been any progress on this



  • Has anyone figured out if there is a connector for Cisco data?  Still interested in an easier way to pull this down into Domo.  Thanks.

  • what we have done is use the billing application server in cisco serviceability to send the data to a workstation via freeftpd then set sftp root directory to a location on the workstation which then points to our account, we then setup our workbench dataset job to upload from this directory....there were some schema changes on the records which we had to work with domo support on so the data came in correctly