Web form as a data input

Is there a way to use a Web form or some type of card to get an input from a user on some basic assumptions. Allow a user to input or change a datapoint and have a card update dynamically? Updating a web form can trigger a dataflow which updayes the card. Thinking I may need to create a domo app but hoping there may be another solution as giving access to datasets/Web form is not intuitive or easy for basic user.


  • @Shevy - I apologize, I don't fully understand your question.


    It sounds like your goal is to have some sort of web form users can edit and then have that dynamically update in Domo? 



  • Yes - my goal is to have the ability to allow a user to change an assumption and have that dynamically update.  Could be a webform or any other solution.

  • Hi all,


    Can anybody help @Shevy out?


  • @Shevy,  Yes, you can create a Domo online form and then use it as a dataset for another card. Create the form using the following:

    Add Card>Design>Domo Online Form>Input your data into the spreadsheet like form and save.

    Then you would link this card in a dataflow.

    The employee would need edit rights to update the online form.

    Hope this helps.


  • Thanks, trying not to give them access to data source but to an input "card" Maybe a good idea to add to new ideas.
  • I proposed the following idea last year which is under review now. Any support (vote) could help to get traction:




    In the mean time you can use the web form or other external sources as an excel file shared in your server, using share point or using other external tool like Smartsheet. In all cases the integration with DOMO is easy. Once you get the data into DOMO you can combine the data with your main data set via workflow. Every time the goal's file changes it will run the workflow and update the charts with updated goals.



  • Perfect I did go like it. Thanks for pointing it out.