extract domain in beast move

Has any successfull extracted the domain out of an email address using Beast Mode?

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  • ilikenno



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    Hello @MReznick,

    Sadly there is not an effective way to accomplish this through a beastmode.  However we can accomplish this through a SQL dataflow. 

    To do this we are going to take advantage of the SQL function SUBSTRING_INDEX(). 

    For example: 
    Email: [email protected]




    SUBSTRING_INDEX('[email protected]','@',-1) --> domain.com

    If you would like to remove the ".com" we can remove this by adding another SUBSTRING_INDEX() to the query. 

    SUBSTRING_INDEX(SUBSTRING_INDEX('[email protected]','@',-1),'.',1)  --->  domain

    Here is a great link to a resource that explains how SUBSTRING_INDEX() works further. 


    If you have any further questions in regards to this, you can email Domo support at [email protected] A support tech will be able to help answer any additional questions you may have. 


  • deepabijjula
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    Obviously very late but this is how I do it: 


    RIGHT(`Email Address`,((LENGTH(`Email Address`))-(INSTR(`Email Address`,'@'))))


  • Similar question was posted in the Dojo recently... I posted the following (link) suggestion related to doing it in DataFlow, but the same might work in BeastMode.  I have found that MySQL functions will work in Beast Mode even though they are not reflected as part of the Beast Mode function list.


    Extract Domain from Email Address


    Good luck, please let me know if that works or not.

  • @MReznick, did ckatzman's reply help you out?

  • No, that locate is not a function in beast mode and I cannot find a similar funtion

  • I really don't wat to run my data through a flow just to be able extract the domain in a card.

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