Dynamics GP - Data into Domo

Hi , has anybody ever been able to connect Domo to Dynamics GP data to bring GL transactions , payables , receivables ?


if anyboday has done it sucessfuly , would you share how it was done ?



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  • Bulloko
    Bulloko 🟠
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    @Godiepi - Hmmmm..... I remember connecting to Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains, but it was awhile ago.


    I believe we ended up just using WorkBench. We were able to connect to the DataBase that ran GP and just pulled in the data that way.


    Is that an option / possibility?


  • Hi all,

    Can anybody help @Godiepi with their question?


  • Thanks @Bulloko I guess that is what we will have to do. So far we have not had any luck bringing the GP data through a Connector. it seems a firewall issue and also when we try to pull the GL transactions it asks for a Company Key, we have tried registration keys and company id but none seem to work. I'm marking your answer as the solution unless someone comes later with something different. Thanks