Creating Interactive Checklist

Here is what I'm envisioning....


I want to build a checklist (as a card), where there are different steps and actions that need to occur from different business users. Each time an action/task is completed then a notification is sent to the group of the completion. 


I know that there is a projects/tasks area in DOMO, but I was wondering if this can be accomplished within a card. Smiley Happy


  • Unfortunately, there isn't a way to put an interactive checklist into a card.  


    Potentially, you could create a webform and display the webform in a table card.  The webform could be edited by the user once a task is completed.


    Using the Projects and Tasks within Domo would be much easier and cleaner.

  • @ecenteno, did swright's reply help you out?

  • The webform would be a good solution, except it has limited formats you can use. Checkboxes are not one of the options. Perhaps someday.
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