Combining Graphs or Cards

Is there a way to combine a single value card with some graphical presentation such as face gauge so that the result looks something like this?


Financial KPI Examples | Current Ratio 


  • Hi @tyeung, I am researching an answer now and will respond once I have more information.


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  • You could do that on a table card using HTML to add situational images, increase font size, change color, etc.  Examples of this capability were demonstrated at Domopalooza Beast Mode Boot Camp session.  I don't have HTML expertise, so i'm not the one to guide "how", but that's the way I would go in looking at how to do something similar.

  • @ckatzman is correct, this can be done in a table card using a beast mode containing css. There is a recent thread about the basic functionality here. You can take this and extend it to displaying images using the img tag. 


    This does not apply to the Single Value Card though, when attempting to add html/css the card will not render. You can also use the Comparative Gauge to display an arrow based on the number.


    Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 2.58.13 PM.png


    Lastly, if you have Adobe Illustrator you could create an app and add specific graphics. 


    Please let me know if you need any additional information.


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  • @tyeung, did any of the above replies help you out?

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