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I've created the chart below where the line represents the running total number of sales and the bars represent the forecasted sale throughout the day. Would it be possible to create an alert that notifies users when the sum of sales is equal to or greater than the max forecasted sales value? Basicly setting an alert with forumlas rather than a hardcoded number. I thought about setting a binary field in the data to set off a trigger but then it seems as if it would have to be incorporated into the chart.






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    @eizquierdo: Very cool use case! I'm the product manager for alerts here at Domo. Just to make sure I understand, you're essentially setting a daily sales goal target. When your sales for the day go over the goal, the alert would trigger. In this case, you'd like that goal to be the max value from the Sales Forecast series. Something like this?




    @mdelorey Correct! When the total number of sales for any given day is equal to or greater than the total number of sales forecasted for the day, I'd like for an alert to be triggered. The catch is that the total number forecasted for a day changes everyday, therefore we can't hardcode a number to meet or excced.


    I had the idea of creating a seperate dataflow/card with a value of 1/0 if that number is met and attaching the alert to that. However I'd like to stay away from something like that as best as I can. Less cards, less maintance.


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    @eizquierdo: Sorry I must have forgotten to hit post on my last reply. My thoughts were along the same lines as yours. Do the comparison in a dataflow or beastmode and then alert on a new card. All the solutions in the product today would be workarounds.


    However, I've gotten interest from other users to be able to set alerts based on values seen in the chart like your forecast/target/budget vs actual. It's a great use case, and I'll keep you posted as we get closer to prioritizing it on our roadmap. Thanks!

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