How can I rotate row headers to column headers? I saw this at Domopalooza in March?

How can I rotate row headers to column headers? I saw this at Domopalooza in March?


  • you will have to create a data flow (magic ETL) and use the uncollapse columns option.


    Screen Shot 05-25-16 at 12.31 PM.PNG

  • @crocija, did Godiepi's reply help you out?

  • Thank You, but I figured I would have to use both to do this; however, I was hoping for an example with steps, etc.

  • @Godiepi, could you provide steps to help out @crocija with their question?

  • The help center has instructions how to use the option.


    follow this link and scroll down to the bottom where it talks about the Uncollapse Columns option


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  • I'm also having this requirement.  I don't think the Uncollapse Columns helps me (went through the doc & test).  So, here is what I want to achieve.   Can you please help elaborate detailed steps?




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    Hello Hua, if you still have a need for this please can you send me your source data from your screen shot? I can take a stab at this for you, I'm pretty comfortable with MagicETL.


    Cheers, JJ.

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  • Thank you, JJ.  I attached the file here.  

  • @JJ please have a look!


    Also @Hua you have the ability to embed an image in the word editor when you are posting.


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    Hello Hua, what you're looking for is a Sumo card instead of a regular card.


    Here's the result you're looking for :


    Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 17.08.45.png


    When you click the add card button on a page, a grid of card options are shown. Choose 'Sumo' as shown here :


    Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 17.09.23.png


    A Sumo card can show data as columns or as a crosstab. You need the crosstab view. Here is a screenshot for you of the card in creation mode :


    Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 17.08.32.png


    When you select this option you actually get a much nicer tabular format too. I use Sumo cards for validating data too as they have some nice aggregate features.


    Let us all know how you get on.


    Cheers, JJ.

  • Thank you, @JJ.


    I am aware of Sumo card type and do use it for some of my metrics.  However the limitation of Sumo card not having drill-down capability is something I would like to workaround using normal table cards.  When the rows are getting longer (too many column), I would like to be able to display the table with column as header.  Another option, if Domo can implement, could be enable "panel freeze" like what Excel has, so viewers can still have the key columns locked while scrolling to further columns.


    Thank you for your help!

  • @Hua,


    Sounds like this may be a new idea for Domo, please feel free to post your suggestion in our Ideas Exchange so one of our product managers may review it for our road map.



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