Is it possible to drill down by city in the U.S. map?

I know that there is no specific map to choose from, but is it possible to drill down by city when using a U.S. map, with a beastmode, dataflow, etc?

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  • jehat
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    @efo The ability to drill from the US map card to the city level is not currently available in Domo; however, I have submitted the request to our development team.


    Due to the nature of enhancement requests, I will be unable to provide an ETA if it is implemented and so will be unable to give any updates. However, I appreciate your suggestion so that we can continue to improve the customer experience.


    In addition to submitting the enhancement request, you are able to create suggestions in the Domo Dojo here: In this section, suggestions can be "liked" by other customers and updates will be intermittently provided about whether something will be implemented, and if so, when.


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    Can anybody help @efo with their question?


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    Have a look at this idea and vote it up or add your comments to it. This is also another related idea.



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