Series Name Label

I am using the default %_SERIES_NAME and it is placing the series name at every data point, I would just like it to show next to the line once. Is that possible?


  • Godzilla
    Godzilla 🟒

    try removing theΒ %_SERIES_NAME from the 'Text' box and leave it blank. if you have interactivity on, it should highlight the line as well as the series name in the legend.

  • Shevy
    Shevy 🟠
    That is the original solution and great for the average user - I have some EXECS, that are asking we show it without hover.... Can't always please everyone!
  • @Shevy, has your question been answered?

  • Shevy
    Shevy 🟠
    Unfortunately no - I had this solution - was looking for a way to get just the one to show like yo can in EXCEL - will post to ideas board at some point.
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