Can I email a card that is a table?

When I choose Send/Export on a card that is a table, the 'Email' option is not there. It works for other chart types like bar graphs. However, the help center says it should work for tables too:

"You can email a KPI card from either the card page or the Details view. If you email a card from the Details view when filters are applied, those filters are applied in the email version of the card. For more information about applying filters, see Adding Filters to Your Chart. This option is available only for KPI cards (that is, you cannot email notebook cards, Sumo cards, etc.). However, all chart types are supported, including tables."


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  • you're right, i don't see the option to send as Email for table charts. 

  • thanks @kshah008. I'll add it to the "ideas" section, but from the documentation it seems it should alreadby be doable. Either a bug or the documentation needs to be udpated. Either way, we can close this since nobody has a definitive answer yet. Thanks!

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