How to apply Domo email?


  • What do you mean ? please elaborate your question
  • Thanks Godiepi. 

    I have a business report need automatically download from website and upload to Domo throught Domo email connector.

    I just got answer from Domo support team. Thanks again.

  • Oh ok , I had no idea what were you trying to do. I have never seen and email connector in my Domo instance.
  • DaniBoy



    @Mark1 Can you share how the problem was resolved?




  • Hi Dani, Domo support team is processing now, probably need several days. I will get back to you as soon as it's done.

  • @Mark1, please keep us updated!

  • For everyone's future reference, Domo has a capability where you can upload data via email attachments, preferably CSV.  Domo creates a specific email address for a dataset and those attachments will be uploaded to a dataset in Domo.  In this manner, you can get data into Domo via email instead of API connector or workbench.  The data can append wtih each upload or replace.  Ideally your data should have a simple header row with value rows and no summary rows, but there are at this point some configuration options.

    Work with DomoSupport, your success manager, or your consultants to get this set up.

  • Hi.. for the connector dataset via email, how come the data is refresh.. i couldn't find any schedule option?

  • The data refreshes any time an email is received