Access to subpages

Let's say I create Page A and Page A has subpage x and subpage y.  I have a few cards on Page A and a few cards each on subpage x and subpage y.


If I share Page A withone someone, will they also have access to subpage x and subpage y?


And vice versa.  if I share subpage x will they have access to Page A and not have access to subpage y?

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  • Godiepi
    Godiepi 🟣
    Accepted Answer

    Nope,  the share option works independently, meaning subpage visual permisions are separate from the page they belong to.


    If user 5 has access to Page A, it does not mean it will have access automatically to it's subpages. you'll need to treat the share permissions individually regardless of the page level (Main Page , Subpage)


  • @BrianL, did Godiepi's reply help you out?

  • Related to this discussion.  I'm the DOMO Admin for my company and there are subpages for which although i seem to have access and can do a search on the cards and view them, i cannot view the subpages.  The page and subpages are locked.  so when i click on the Parent page, there appears to be no subpages?