Table Visualization Sorting/Filtering

We consistently use the Table Visualization as our base drill-through visual, would be great if we were able to sort and filter on the Table Visualization. Β I know you can do it on the table view of any card, but you can't format the table view.Β 


  • Hi all,


    Can anybody help @Chips out?


  • To clarify, are you drilling into a card, into the default view of the underlying data? If this is the case, you can hover over a column to filter and sort (below image). If you'd like the same functionality of a table card, you can build an actual table card as the drill down.Β 



    filter example

  • @Chips, tagging you to see if you can answer andrewpass' follow-up question to better assist you.

  • It would be nice to default the table card with a sortable columns so our users don't have to click an extra button

  • I didn't know the table visualation allowed to sort... I guess we'll be clicking back and forth.

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