How to stop dataflows that get stuck at Indexing step

Hi everyone,


Every now and then I run into a dataflow that runs fine but gets stuck at the Indexing stage for an hour or two. These dataflows normally take only 5-15 minutes to run, and the next time they run they don't get stuck in the indexing stage. It seems to be a weird hiccup that happens at random.


Is there any way that I can try to prevent this from happening? Or, maybe even better, cancel the dataflow run and rerun it?


  • The "cancel" link not working? I have this occur at times but if I hit cancel and re run it usually works fine.
  • The cancel link usually isn't there. I think it might only show up for magic ETL dataflows? Whereas most of the ones I use are MySQL dataflows.

  • @Shevy, can you provide any further insight?


  • I have had two get stuck in the last couple of days but I had the cancel button - I would reach out to DOMOsupport - sounds like a bug. I have not seen the situation mentioned without having the ability to hit cancel.
  • @ocrkm, tagging you to check out Shevy's latest reply.

  • Guess I'll try Domo Support then. Thanks for the input

  • Tonight is the first time I've had this happen to me - 3 TIMES IN A ROW.  How MADDENING!!!


    Looks like the problem is not on the indexing THE PROBLEM IS WITH THE DATAFLOW TELLING DOMO THAT IT'S INDEXED.


    After waiting for a reasonable amount of time I completely closed all browser windows (probably don't need to close all...), and then I opened the dataset that was the target of the dataflow, and it had all rows