SSIS/SSAS cubes and package

how to connect SSIS/SSAS package/cubes to domo workbench


  • @RamuS Can you let me know which version of Workbench you are currently using?


    Have you tried the instructions for connecting to OLAP in the Domo Help Center:



    There is a section:  Connecting to an OLAP Cube

  • I am using work bench 4. can i have detailed steps to connect to my SSAS cubes please.

  • @alexpeay, can you provide further insight for @RamuS?


  • The link above provides step-by-step instructions for connecting to OLAP Cubes, SSAS is a cube and should follow these steps. 


    Is there a specfiic step or issue taht @RamuS is having issues with related to their cube integration?

  • I would copy and past the steps here, but the formatting and images do not come through.

  • @RamuS I noticed the link seems to be having problems. When you go to the Domo Help center follow these links:


    Click on 'Home'

    Select 'Connect'

    Select ' Connect to Data Using Workbench'

    Select ' Workbench 4'

    Select 'Creating a Job for Uploading Data Using Workbench 4'

    Scroll down to the 'Connecting to an OLAP Cube'


    These instructions should walk you through setting up a connection a OLAP Cubes including SSAS Cubes.


    Please let me know if you have additional questions.

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