How do I specify different geography level joins for a map card?

I've uploaded a dataset in Excel (sample below), that includes the following geo markers:

  • State (postal abbrev.)
  • State FIPS code (individual)
  • County FIPS code (individual)
  • Consolidated FIPS code (concatenation of State and County)

My map automatically structured at the state level which is great, able to build one of the cards I needed from that.  But for a second map card, I want to switch my measure and change the granularity to be county based.  How do I change that, and what IS the right attribute for a county-level join in the data?


FIPS sample image.JPG

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    Answered my own question... didn't realize that there was a completely different TEMPLATE for a county-level map.  Makes a great opportunity for a drill-down from state-level to county.


    Go me!

  • ckatzman
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    Hi Jeff - 


    If you build your state level card first, from the card options menu, select Edit Drill Path.  For your second level, select the US County Map card type and build that out the way you want it.  When you start on the state level map and click on a state, it will then "drill" (filter) to the counties of the selected state.

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    Hi @DaniBoy, thanks for the follow-up.  Yes, there are several active map-related posts in the Ideas Exchange, at least one that I wrote, and another that I've piled-onto.


    The ability for map cards to have a persons name listed by state, county, or zipcode


    Improve United States Map Card functionality



    Product Manager has been actively engaged in both threads.


  • Hi - i'm experiencing a similar issue.  How did you drill from state view map to county view and "zoom in" on the state to view values at the county level?  





  • Thank you! that worked!


    Have you done any work mapping DMA's? A lot of my data is DMA-level so trying to find a solution that can visualize that level of granularity (smaller than state, larger than county).  I was thinking of researching the mid-point lat/long of each DMA.



  • Glad the first response was helpful.  I have not utilized DMA, not familiar with it, though a quick look it seems like it's a media-industry defined "market" area?  I use MSA/MSAD/CBSA quite a bit, and have previously requested of Domo through Domo Support that they evaluate adding different geo levels beyond State/County.  Use of the Lat/Long map and mapping the centroid of your preferred geography is definitely an option.

  • Thanks, looks like we have similar needs albeit at different geo granularity.  Will ask support to add this feature.

  • Thank you for providing a solution. I've been racking my brain trying to figure it out! You're awesome! 

  • Glad it helped.  Something to keep in mind when you have your County level map as a drill down... you can delete the blue "filter" that's showing for the state through which you drilled down, and then you'll get to see your results nationwide at the county level too.  

  • Have you had any success or heard back from support on this topic?  I saw your previous comment about utilizing DMAs, and am facing a similar challenge.  I have a few advertisers I work with who operate on a DMA basis.  I may use Lat/Long as a temporary workaround, but would love for support to add this, as I've done it rather easily in another platform.

  • @kingaaronj, nothing yet.


    @Gavatar, I think you are the Product Mgr for this area, aren't you?  Can you enlighten on any maps-related enhancement that may be in the works?  There are several different Ideas and discussion threads on topic floating around the Dojo.



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    Did you propose an enhancement in the ideas exchange that can be voted up?



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