Is it possible to duplicate more than one card at once?

I have made a series of cards for one dashboard and need to replicate all the cards for the rest of the dashboards I have to make. Is there a way to do this faster than duplicating each card one by one?

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  • Godiepi
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    Currently there is no way to do it at once but, if you contact your domo support they should be able to duplicate the whole page along with the cards it contains the x times you want.

  • Starlord
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    Unfortunately, Domo Support can no longer fulfill requests to duplicate multiple cards at once, but there is a feature on our product roadmap to include that functionality within the Domo UI in a future release.


    Due to the complexity of implementation for this feature, an ETA is not available. Once the feature is available, you will see it included in feature release notes that will be displayed the first time you log into Domo after the update is completed.


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  • Has this feature (copying an entire page) been implemented yet?

  • Hello @user02834,


    It is now very easy to duplicate pages, but requires Admin privileges. To do so, follow these steps, or ask an Admin from your instance to do so:

    1) Create a new blank page with the title you want the new page to have

    2) Navigate to the Admin Settings > Cards page

    3) To the right of the "Pages" heading, click the 3 dots, and filter for the page you want to create a copy of

    4) Once the filter has been applied, click "Select All" to select all cards from the filtered page

    5) Click the orange "Edit" button, and use either the "Duplicate Cards" or "Add To Pages" option to add all of the selected cards to the new page. "Duplicate Cards" will create brand new copies of the cards for the new page, so that editing one of the cards on the new page will not affect the card on the original page. "Add To Pages" will add the existing cards to the new page, so that editing a card on one page will affect the card on the other page.


    If you have further questions on this topic, please contact Domo Support.



    Steve Cook

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