Is there a way to convert a numerical string to a number value in Beast Mode?

We have a very large dataset (10+MM rows currently) and for some reason our fiscal week is located in a column formated as YYYYMMWW.  I can use a RIGHT(`FiscalYearWeek`,2) to get the value for the week, but it's a string, not a number.  Is there a way to convert this to a number so I can then compare it via greater or lesser than?

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  • jlafee
    jlafee ⚪️

    Still testing to see if it works, it seems to be just one of many issues I have in this card.  Once I can test that it fixed it's part, I'll come back and update.

  • Also try the following. it should work if your months are always 2 characters (01,02, 10,12, etc.)



  • @jlafee, tagging you to check out Godzilla's latest reply.

  • Wow. kudos to you.


    It solved my problem when there are character and numeric type in one field