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At the moment my company is gradually moving over to Domo. However, we need to know if we can add a javascript hyperlink into the table view. I have seen examples of just adding a hyperlink. I was wondering if we could use our existing javascript hyperlink and where would I put that information. 


="javascript:void('" & Fields!Job_Number.Value & "','_blank'))"


This is what we use to go to bullhorn, it takes the user to bullhorn with the value of what they have clicked. For example, if they clicked a job number, this would take them straight to the job. Is there any way that we can do this in domo?


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  • Hello @jaz,


    Sadly we do not support Javascript. However you can use HTML in a table card to hyperlink. You would apply this through a beastmode. 

    For example your beastmode would look similar to: 

    CONCAT('<a href="',`__Column containing link__`, '">link text</a>')

    Please let me know if this helps. 




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