Is there a DOMO connector to on premise MS SQL or Microsoft Access?

We have an on-premise SQL DB which I want to pull from to upload to DOMO.

But I don't see any data connectors for on-premise SQL.


Another option is that I set up an MS Access Pass Through query to pull only the specific data I want from the SQL DB and connect that to DOMO.

But I don't see any connectors for MS Access either. 


Any suggestions?

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  • Godzilla
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    I was going to recommend using workbench instead as it's lot easier to get going. The connector will require you to open some firewall ports to access the DB. With workbench, you can connect to any db using odbc connection. The only downside with workbench is if you need to schedule jobs, you'll need to install it on a server or a dedicated machine that's on all the time. 


  • Yes they have a MS SQL Server connector. 

  • I see an MS SQL connector, but it appears to be for cloud instances, not on-premise.

    How do you configure this connector to talk to an on-premise SQL DB?


    Meanwhile, I discovered that Domo Workbench allows me to connect to the on-premise SQL via odbc.

    And allows me to write the SQL query directly.


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