how to I get dates on the x axis to order form Jan- Dec?


  • Add the date field that represents your X-axis value to the Sort criteria in edit mode, select Ascending, and depending on your card you'll need to determine whether it's No Aggregation or which Aggregation to use.  Most likely, No Aggregation.


    If the date value you are uising is not a Date data type, then you may want to consider fixing that through your data load process, or creating a Beast Mode calc using a CASE function to map Jan-Dec text values to a numeric sortable value, and drop that into the Sort criteria.

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    Thank you! So yes my Data isn`t date typed and cannot be due to the compariosn between 2016 and 2015 data. I was wondering if you could give a more detailed description on how to get beast mode to sort these values the way I am asking. 


    Thank you so much your help has been great thus far! 

  • Can you post an example of the format that your date field values are showing?  Do they look like properly formatted dates, but they didn't pickup a date data type during import, or are they representative of dates but not in a date format (ex:  20160720).

  • If you're dealing with a handful (less than 20) labels, you can write a case statement in beast mode that orders them appropriately. For example



    when `frustrating_date_field` = 'JanTwentySixteen' then 1

    when `frustrating_date_field` = 'FebTwentySixteen' then 2






    You can then sort on this beast mode (ascending) while leaving your date field in the x axis.


    On the other hand you can use the like function if you have too many labels to categorize one-by-one, but still have a pattern. For example



    when `frustrating_date_field` like '%JanTwentySixteen%' then 1

    when `frustrating_date_field` like '%FebTwentySixteen%' then 2





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