Why is my Domo slow?

I am having some challenges getting Domo to run fast while I am presenting. 

Other web browsers and sites load fine but when I drill down into cards or need to juggle between pages/cards I typically have to wait several seconds for pages to load. It is a bit awkward during these scenarios and wondering what the team have in the roadmap to fix this?


  • DaniBoy



    I'll reach out to the account manager to see if we can schedule a call with you to see what is going on.


  • Hi, domo at times very slow from login .. it takes almost 5 mins to login and run a card. However on mobile app it runs very fast. 

  • Hello, 


    Have you tried opening a support ticket within Domo? The technical support team at Domo should be able to figure this out for you. 


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  • jaeW_at_Onyx
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    So what takes 5 minutes?

    I've never seen Domo take more than a few seconds to login.


    Does entire dashboards take a while to load?  How many cards are on that dashboard?

    Or do individual cards take a while to load?

    Is this immediately after updating a dataflow / dataset in Domo? And does card performance get better later on in the day?


    There are a lot of factors, so specificity really helps.  Also... literally 5 minutes?  Because Domo queries will time out if they exceed 1 minute ... so I struggle to understand what is taking 5 minutes.


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