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I am looking for a way to change the symbols being used in the group bar chart + symbol type of chart. I just need one symbol and 2 bars. Currently, it is defaulting to the triangle symbol. Is there a way to change this symbol to any one of the others such as a square or a cirlce?


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    It is not possible in Domo yet.  what's wrong with the Triangle ? Robot Sad


  • Thats too bad. I personally dont have an issue with the triangle. This came up because some stakeholders who are seeing the chart automatically assume the value of the metric going up as the triangle is pointing up. I wanted to consider an alternative in order to avoid that possibilty.

  • Typical of Stakeholders ?
  • Dear Domo,

    I would like to add this as a feature request as well.  Please consider this an UpVote for this idea.  

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