Concatenate a summary number to show an actual and target value

Hi, is there a way to create a beast mode to show a summary number that will actual consist of text.   The text I'm hoping to display would be a target value and an actual value.   For example I have a Bar chart that has 3 different sets of bars.   Let's say Value A, Value B and Value C.   Each item would have a Target and an Actual so I would have 3 sets of 2 bars each.    I'd like to be able to show the sum of Value A, Value B and Value C as well as the Target of each of those within the same chart however the data is not set up that way so I'm hoping to be able to put something in the summary line that represents the total actual and the total Target.  Does that make sense?    Is this possible?     I'd like the summary line to say Actual - xxx | Target - yyy or something along those lines.   

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    Yes you can do that , look at this for example.

    you will need to create a beastmode concatenating everything you what to display and select the check box 'apply to summary number.


    Screen Shot 08-04-16 at 12.31 PM.PNG


    this is the structure of the formula for the summary number .  I have hiden stuff I can't share.


    Screen Shot 08-04-16 at 12.34 PM.PNG


  • Thanks.  I played around and was able to get it to work.   Could you help with one other item.   The numbers are displaying in Billions and the font seems large.   Do you have a quick way to adjust the format of a number to have it show something like 1.24b and then the code to adjust the font to say 10 or something along those lines?  

  • if your results are always in Billions you'll need to divide every result (individually) by 1 Billion.


    doing that might give you a funny number like this 1.222222222222222 ? (maybe not) , if that happens you have to round that result to 2 decimals.


    if the results are not always in Billions then you will have to add more estaments that pretty munch say if the outcome is equal to or greater than "x" then divided by 1000 , 10000 , 100000 etc etc.


    since concatenating makes the numbers show as Text, then is impossible to let Domo format it on its own.


    kind of a pain but workable.  by the way , the font size and format can not be changed from its default.

  • if your results are always in Billions then you need to divide each calculation by 1 Billion.


    it might give you something like this 1.22222222 (maybe not) , in that case you have to round the results to 2 decimals.


    if not always is in billions then you'll have to play with some case statements ,

    case when result greater than or less than and equal to "x" then divide it by 1000000 , 10000, 1000 etc.


    Domo can't format the result because it had became a Text due to the concatenation.


    also , the font format can't be changed in the summary number.

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