amount field type importing as Text

ANyone know why when i select a data source with an Amount Column, Domo is recognizing it as Text rather than Amounts?  How can i correc this?


  • where does the data originates from before making it into Domo ?

    from a sql view uploading through wrokbench ?

    from an excel spreadsheet store in your machine or in box or other uploading it into Domo using a connector ? etc

  • an excel file on a server

  • if you can , go into the excel and make sure that all values in the columns showing amounts has nothing other than numeric values... what happends is that usually the excel is updated by a person and if someone enters a text value by error in one cell , it makes the whole column a text column. 

    it could be a comma , a space or anyother value what is turning the whole column into text.

    make the correction, save and re-run the load into Domo.

  • I don't see anything other than values in the column

  • Can you run a formula on your excel for that column ... =ISNUMBER(yourcolumncell)   and drag it down til the last record, see if any returns false

  • I did that and there are no False

  • Gosh ? i'm running out of ideas.


    is the column generated from a formula in the excel ?


    last thing to do is to create a data flow in Domo , magic etl , bring the input dataset and from the edit column menu use the set column type option to force the column to display as number instead of text in Domo.

  • No, just contains numbers

  • @sgraham, were you able to resolve your issue?

  • You can put it through a dataflow and cast to number.

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