comparative gauge custom formatting/scale

I have two separate formatting questions (or feature requests if not currently possible) regarding comparative gauge cards. 


  1. is it possible to change the positive/negative colors from green/red?  For example if I wanted positive = blue and negative = orange, is this possible?
  2. is it possible to add conditional formatting in order change the scale that dictates color?  For example, if I wanted
    1. < -10% = red
    2. -9.99999% to +0.000000% = orange
    3. +0.00001% to +9.99999% = light green
    4. > +10% = dark green

The current options seem binary and limiting, but adding dynamic color ranges would make these cards even more powerful.  Please let me know if there is already a solution for this!


  • Hi all,


    Can anybody help @kingaaronj out?


  • Guage chart.PNGYes - In the guage properties you can set ranges and the color you want to use.  In the picture above Range 1, Range 2...etc  Color choices like pink, Teal, orange.... 

  • Hi @Shevy


    The comparative gauge card I'm referring to is pictured below.  I believe you are showing a radial gauge.


  • Sorry!  I tried to do what you wanted about a year ago and learned I could not but could use the Radial gauge to get to it as I shwoed above.  The comparative is more limited and not as customizable.  

  • No problem.  Thank you... I'm going to consider using the radial gauge to see if it goes over well with my audience.

  • @kingaaronj, please keep us updated!

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