How do you allow some one without an account view cards in Domo?

Is there some way to allow someon to view cards you've built in Domo without having to set up an account for them?  I know you can share slide shows or single PPTs of the cards, but we would be interested in sharing our reports occasionally with people where it doesn't make sense to give them account if we only want to give them access to a few cards. The flat presentation slides also wouldn't be as effective as the interactive cards in these cases.


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    Can anybody help @rwits out?


  • @rwits by 'slide shows' do you mean you tried publishing cards to the web via URL?  That's probably your best option currently.  The data would still be living, as opposed to a PPT export, and non-Domo users only need to have a URL to view content, not a license.  They do lose interactivity, but they get live data without an account.

  • @rwits, did AS's reply help you out?

  • How do you publish cards to the web via URL? I don't see that as an option under "Share" or "Export".

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    That's done on the page menu level, as opposed to a card menu.


    At the page menu, if you have the rights, there should be a "Publish as Slideshow" option.


    From there you can select which cards on the page should be part of the presentation, and you can select if the slideshow should be private with a passcoded URL or a public URL.

  • Hi Experts,

    On the same line as the main question, I have a query, large tables are not shown on the right side when we publish a page containing a table. Even its cut out from below. Whats the work around for this?




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