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I would like to display the category total for a stacked bar, but only display it once, for the bar as a whole. Currently when I use the macros available to display the category total, it displays for each segment of the stacked bar. See "SS and ST Projected Achievement % Rack n Stack - Q3 2016" in my instance for example.


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    Go to the Ideas Exchange use the search box to see if someone has posted a similar idea. If it does exist then vote for it by clicking on the white arrow next to the idea title.


    If it doesn't exist then click on new idea and post your idea in the same manner you would post a question.


    Once it gets a vote the Product Management team will assign it to a Product manager to review. The community can vote it up and add comments to your ideas.





  • @Chips There is a way to do this, however you will need to re-write your BeastMode to be a whole number, you can then use the %_PERCENT_OF_CATEGORY to display the percentage while also having the number.

  • Sorry not following, how specifically do I go about creating a beast mode as a whole number and why will that prevent it from displaying for each individual stack?


  • I think I am following more of what you want now. Are you wanting to display the percentage totals that you currently have AND the total for the category (where category = South Central, North East...)

  • I will take what I can get, but ideally would be able to for say South Central display the 104% total you see when you hover.  The 104% is the sum of all the segments of the stack.  


    I would be willing to trade out the the segment %s to just see the total.


    Make sense?

  • I understand now what you are trying to get the issue that we have it two fold. 1: If you are using a stacked bar any macro will illustrate at the series level. 2: There is no way that we have in Domo to split the macro unless you want to have the figure as you now do where you will hover with the total percentage, and the individual series percentage. I hope this helps. I know it is not the solution you are likely looking for, but I think what you have right now is actually what we can do within Domo. 


    We can put a feature enhancement request for this if you would like.

  • Sign me up for the future enhancement. 


    Certainly not what I was looking for in terms of solution, but nonetheless resolved in that I have pushed DOMO to its limit.

  • @Chips


    Can you add this in our Ideas Exchange and I will get product management to review it for a future release.


    Thanks for the great dialogue, keep the questions coming!



  • What is the preferred way of rolling a question to the Idea Exchange?

  • Figured out what is needed here bc I saw it on a separate visual, I need the "Show One Label" checkbox for the Grouped and Stacked visual and for the Horizontal Bar chart.  Adding to the Idea Exchange now (if it isn't already there).

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