Customize publication

I've been asked to remove the header portion of  publications including the DOMO logo, company logo, and slide advancment options.   Also, I would like to display 4 cards on 1 publication page.  Is this possible?  


  • Hi @bsmith - Are you working with the webpage Publication type, or a PPT export? 

  • We are working with webpage Publication type.

  • @AdamT, can you provide further insight?

  • Hi @bsmith - With the webpage publication, there are currently not any options for removing the Domo logos or to show 4 cards on a page (perhaps you could submit an enhancement request for it though!)


    However, if you are using PPT presentation exports, you can totally customize the presentation (including removing the Domo branding). Also, there is a PPT Add-in feature that is in Beta currently that will let you show 4 cards on a single PPT slide, and it can keep a connection to your specified cards in Domo that you can update with the click of a button. Let me know if you'd like to learn more about this PPT Add-in Beta. 

  • Hi there!


    Is there any setting in DOMO that I can use to automatically remove any DOMO branding for every PPT export?