Group bar and line chart



I want to build a card with the following scenario:

- The grouped bar shows the device type and the metric is 'traffic'

- The line chart shows the 'bounce rate'


I tried to build the card on domo but it doesn't work out. Please find the screenshot below:



Thanks in advance for the help


  • You are almost there! We will need to do two more tasks:


    1) You currently have a "Device" series. You will want to build a beastmode that includes the Bounce Rate with the devices. To be clear, your new series will now show "Bounce Rate, Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, etc." Rename the series accordingly. This will be the new field that you place in the Series field in the card builder.


    The Grouped Bar with Line chart type will always show the line value of the first item listed in the series. To ensure that your Bounce Rate value is always represented by the line, you'll want to build a second Beast Mode to order your  new series.


    2) The series order Beast Mode will look somethign like this: 


    WHEN `Beast Mode from task 1` = 'Bounce Rate'

    THEN 1

    ELSE 2 /* Unless you would like the other Series elements to be ordered as well*/



    This series order beast mode will be placed in the Sorting field; ordered Ascending to ensure that your "Bounce Rate" 

    always at the top (i.e. represented with by the line).


    Here is a link to a cardbuilding FAQ that may be of assistance in the future:

  • Could you also show how to achieve task 1 because I do not know how to merge a dimension(device) and a metric(bounce rate). 


    Thanks ?


  • You are right! Good call.


    Actually, you will want to create individual beast modes for each device and drag them all into the series fields. In the end you'll have a handfull of beast modes:

    1) Bounce Rate. You'll place this in the Y axis field

    2) Desktop Traffic: "CASE WHEN `Device` = 'Desktop' THEN `Traffic` END". Place this in the Series and SUM the field.

    3) Tablet Traffic: "CASE WHEN `Device` = 'Tablet' THEN `Traffic` END". Place this in the Series and SUM the field.

    4) Mobile Traffic: "CASE WHEN `Device` = 'Mobile' THEN `Traffic` END". Place this in the Series and SUM the field.


    With this strategy the task 2 beastmode from the prior response will not be necessary because you will be manually ordering the new series.


    Let me know how this works!

  • @angelsinha, tagging you to check out marcam's latest reply. 

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