Re: Can I schedule a report to be emailed not just an alert

Something's brewing at Domo for this, but right now that functionality doesn't exist.

In the mean time you can publish cards to a public or pass-code accessible URL for your recipients to view on the web.


  • Can I schedule cards to be emailed to recipents? Including an export of a table?

  • Aaron, 


    I am having a reasonable amount of success skirting the email report functionality by using the Publication feature which includes the ability to pass-code lock a URL.  I refresh both the pass-code and URL every few days for my audience, don't want a static URL sitting out there for too long.



  • For some reason @kwhite2910's original post isn't showing up in the thread but my response to that post shows as the original message.  @DaniBoy, something to look at.   I don't think that original post had any text in it, just a subject line.


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    I found his post in another board and have merged it here though it is in the second spot at the moment.


    We will get this sorted out shorly.




  • This was announced at Domopalooza last March and it sitll hasn't been implemented. I guess 1990s innovations are too difficult for Domo developers.

  • @btm Can you chime in here on this thread?


  • Looking forward to the brew being complete! I know it was started last year as it was the hit of the announcement at last years domopalooza! Any idea if it will come out before this years party!
  • @DaniBoy@btmany updates on when this feature will be available?

  • @Echelon, thanks for checking in.


    @StevenC, as I know you've been closely tied to this project - when you have a moment, would you mind providing Echelon an update?  Thanks!