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I want to be able to share a link to a card with someone in DomoBuzz. It looks like if I go to that card I can '@' the person and a small link to the card will be included, but I can't simply '@' a card from any page. Any ideas?

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    If you have a channel or private chat open with that person/persons, you can do one of two things:

    • Just copy/paste the URL from the card.  Buzz will turn it into a link, but there will be no preview in the buzz window
    • Click on the paperclip icon and choose the card option.  Search for the card by name and select it.  It will be added as an image the user can preview or jump to.

    In either event, permissions still apply for the other users.


  • Hi all,


    Can anybody help @josh-m out?


  • Thanks Aaron, I don't see a paperclip in my instance. Do you have a screenshot or directions on where to find that?

  • The paperclip icon is on the bottom left of the Buzz window, directly next to the "Write something..." text where you type a Buzz message.

    I think it's available to all users, but if you don't see it there you may consider investigating that further.

  • @josh-m, tagging you to check out AS's last reply. 


  • Hi AS, thanks for the reply. I definitely don't have a paperclip in my instance. Will investigate further at your suggestion!