Domo Meetup Groups

Does Domo Marketing team have plan to sponsor local Meetup Groups? If the answer is YES, please provide the porgram details and contact info.


  • Thanks for bringing this up; this was something that had been mentioned at Domopalooza as well and I was definitely curious about it as well, since I met several fellow Portlanders while there :).

  • DaniBoy





    We just launched the community and the Expert VIP program is evolving. There isn't any specific information I can share at this time. I will keep the community informed and in particular the Dojo VIPs of plans and events as available.


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  • Thanks for sharing; I look forward to hearing more as more information is available.

  • One key factor that will make the Local Meetup Groups successfully is the availability of a Domo instance to Meetup organizers/presenters during the Meetup sessions. Hope this will be included in Domo's sponsorship offerings.