Can I add data labels to a Pie Chart?


I am trying to create a pie chart, and in the slice I would like to add data labels. For example, if each slice is divided by dollar amount, I want to able to add a data lable for dollar and count of records (or in my case incidents that led to that dollar amount). I don't want a two dimentional pie chart, just want to able to give more information to the users at one glance.


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  • I don't think that it is possible.


    if you want to give more detail , have you tried creating a "Drill Path" card ? example, a slice of the pie shows 45%, then the user clicks on it and it opens a new card that shows the dollars and count of records in a Bar card of any other type of card.

  • Hi Godiepi,


    This is link, I am not sure if you will be able to access it.



    I am mostly looking to add more information into the pie, where the Pie name is seen. This would give the user the overall information in just one view, rather than having to click on each slice for more information.


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  • @Godiepi, can you provide further insight? 

  • Hi @adirenuka


    sorry for the late response.  I was not able to see the card on your link. it asks for credentials. (you could upload an screenshot if you still need it)


    so, coming back to what you like to display, I believe that a pie is not the best chart because it does not allow you to display different types of data series such as lead counts and dollars.


    usually when I need to display different types of values in the same card , I choose a 'Bar+Line" type of card or a 'Stacked Bar + Line' type of chart.. I find these mix of a bar and a line a better fit for what you wish to do.


    I don't know if anybody else have some ideas on this.