Need advice setting up a basic twitter card

Hi, I'm new to this so please excuse the question!


I want to create a basic card which shows days ina month and how many tweets were posted from the account on each day.


I will but a line expectation on it - for example 3 posts a day, so I can see whether of not its been missed or not.


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    Maybe try a beast mode that categorizes days of week by weekday or weekend, then use that beast mode in a filter and exclude weekends.

    I don't know if the Domo card builder is going to try and outsmart the x-axis when it's a date datatype by adding calendar days that aren't actually in the dataset.


  • Make a vertical bar chart with a goal of 3, counting tweet IDs by day.  Or, use a calendar card and use the heatmap colors as your guide.

  • Thanks for response is the tweet id the green box 'id'? do i put this in x or y axis and what is the date field I use?

  • Yes, I believe so.  "Created At" is the date.  It goes on the x axis, count of ID wuld be on the Y.

    There's actually a great Twitter app in the appstore that you can download and get a bunch of content really quickly, with cards already built. You just have to plug in the credentials, pretty much.

  • Ignore my previous message, I had the wrong data  source set up but now have it working... is there anyway I can easily exclude weekends and only show week days? for example I want to check we are posting at least 3 times a day on twitter, so have the goal set at three, but the chart shows all days including weekends.



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