Omitting Weekends from Daily Counts

Is there anyway I can easily exclude weekends and only show week days in a vertical bar chart of twitter post counts? For example I want to check we are posting at least 3 times a day on twitter, so have the goal set at three, but the chart shows all days including weekends.




  • Yes , you can do it through a beastmode.


    CASE WHEN  DAYNAME(`TransactionDate`) IN ('Saturday', 'Sunday') THEN 'NO' ELSE 'YES' END


    Then you can add this as a filter and it will get rid off the Saturdays and Sundays

  • @Wardy, did the above reply help you out?

  • Hi, thanks for your response.


    It doesn't appear to be working - the dates are show as 1, 2, 3, 4 though the month and do not show Monday, Tueday etx.


    Is that why it is not working? I have attached a screenshot if this helps.


    Many thanks!

  • Base on the screenshot it is working , bars are showing zeros for September 3 , 4 , 10 , 11 etc which are Saturdays and Sundays.  so, it is not including weekends for the counts.


    now, to make a date display as name of days , that would need to be created as a different beastmode.

  • Thanks for reply - yes correct but I don't want them on the graph, its those I want removed so the graph only shows data for weekdays.



  • Yes , I think that you added the code I gave you to your count beastmode.  add it as a filter and that will force the chart to display only weekdays and hide the weekends. but since the date is present in your data the chart might still make it show up. 


    have you tried created a data flow that only includes weekdays ? that might work

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