Axis Label Rotation on a Multi-Line Chart

Wondering if I'm just missing it, but is there no capability to rotate the labels on a Multi-Line Chart?


  • The chart properties category scale (x) menu includes the option to allow label rotation, but it only does so if needed.  Most often I find the chart will fix itself before this becomes needed by simplifying the label values, mostly where dates are concerned (eg, displaying only date instead of month-date, or month-year instead of month-date-year).  Maybe others have different experience, but I've probably only ever used multiline charts when dates are on the X axis.

  • Thanks, @AS.  I think I had actually found it, as it was already checked when I went to take a look.  But the real mystery may be why it's NOT rotating the labels.  It would seem to me that an overlap problem does exist.  I could solve it by shortening the displayed timeline or rolling up to quarters instead of months, but that doesn't fit the business request.


  • I think the axis labels have that option, but the data labels don't.  At least not on this chart type.  On the grouped bar chart type you can 'rotate' the data labels in data label settings.

    Vert bars vert labels.JPG

    If you could go vertical here, you may end up running into the same problem but the labels might overlap from one series to the next instead of within a single series.  Still, the option would be nice.  I think you'll just have to simplify your chart within the guidelines of the request.  Fewer decimals? Drop the % sign?

  • @ckatzman@, did any of the above replies help you out?

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