Rules based color coding

In the scatter plots, a frequent requirement is to be able to have some of the points in one color, and the others in another color (Think overstocked/understocked or plan attainment ratio>100% or <100%). We want to use this in tables as well frequently.


  • Are you asking if this is available or requesting this to become a feature?

    Scatter plots can use a single category as a series value like product lines or continents. But the function to add an additional level of detail to the bubbles does not exist, like product and its stock level (in addition to the existing x, y, and bubble size measures).  You'd need an additional series for that, which that chart does not have. But you could request it via the ideas exchange portion of Dojo.



    Regarding tables, you can also use certain HTML/CSS tags to format cells in table charts.  See this link for example.  Sumo tables also have some of this conditional formatting capability natively.


  • Thanks for the input. I know that the feature is not available in the curent version of Domo. I was raising a request if the funcitonality could be added.

    Since you have mentioned using HTML/CSS tags in the tables, I have used them in some of my tables and they seem to work fine. But I faced an issue with when I tried exporting the table data as an CSV or Excel. The columns whihc contains the tags did not export the data rather it exported the tags in the excel. Do you any solution for this? 

  • There isn't a solution I'm aware of on the export side of things.  I think the ability to inject HTML was more of an afterthough or happy accident, rather than a planned feature.  Tables in general are not Domo's strong point, at least so far.

  • Thanks for the input. I hope Domo should think over implementing the HTML tags functionality in the fields without altering the cards behavior. HTML tags are quite a help when it comes to formatting but restricting it to just the view requires an attention. 

  • @njain, did any of the above replies help you out?