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I am using a date as my x-axis in a card, but would like to prevent my card viewers from being able to change the date range, or filter data by date in a particular card. This is because some of my data is calculated based on a specific date type (i.e. month) and if the user were to choose to view the data by quarter, say, the data would no longer make sense. 


So Is there any way to prevent the user from 'messing' with the date filter?

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    In Edit mode, change the 'Graph By' field in the time grain to 'None'. Once you do that, it will allow you to change the Date Range field. 


  • You can remove the time grain on the top of the card by going into edit mode and making sure the Date Range field does not have a field selected. If it does, change it to 'Select a date column'. 


    As far as preventing the users from using the filter option(the funnel icon), I don't think there's any way you can turn off the filters. 

  • First, I want to thank you and others for being on top of these posts. It helps me keep my development timelines, and I appreciate it.


    I tried to do unselect the date pulldown in a card with an existing date range, and even after removing the date field from the card design was not able to change the 'date field' pulldown. I then tried to make a new card, but selecting the same dataflow as before, the card automatically populated the date field and selected the date field range, leading me to the same problem.  So now, I guess the question becomes 'how can i prevent a date field from being auto-selected when I choose a data set? (I've attached a screenshot showing the message about the date grain still comes up when date is not in the data set)

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