Creating LinkedIn Follower Trend Card

Hi all, 


Can anyone help me build a 'Follower Trend' Card for LinkedIn similar to those that the Facebook and Twitter Quick Start apps generate?


I want to show at a minimum MoM growth of a our clients followers.  


What dataset do I need use/build?


Many thanks!


  • Hi all, Can anybody help @SotoX3 out? Thanks!

  • Hi @LizWR - As the CSM for @SotoX3's account, I am following up on this in his Domo instance.

  • We handled this outside of the Dojo, in the client instance, but just to circle back with the solution here in the Dojo, the dataset needed from the LinkedIn connector is the "Company Follow Statistics - Historical".


    This will return a daily follower count for a specified date range to facilitate building a card to show follower trend over time. 

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