Trick for turning a single bar in a bar chart a different color than the rest?

I have a basic bar chart and I'd like for one of the bars to be a different color than the rest.  Is this possible?

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    It depends what you have on your X-axis , usually a Date field, so lets use "Date" on this example.


    Lets said you want to show always Yesterday (Bar in Green) and the rest of days (Bars in Blue)


    you can do that creating a beastmode that will become your series.


    BeastMode: Test


    case when `Date` = DATE_ADD(CURRENT_DATE() , interval -1 day) then 'Green' else 'Blue' end


  • In the Chart Properties area, you can click on Colors and choose the colors you want to use for each bar. By default they'll be different colors, but you can set all of them to be the same and then select the single series you want to be a different color.


    See attached screenshot. Hope this helps!

  • what about for a single bar chart that only has one series?

  • If it's a single series, I'm not sure how you could change the color of a single bar. I guess we'll both be learning on this thread.


    Good luck!

  • Did the trick.  thanks!

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