Can I create a drill path for a Table View Card?

Say I have a conditionally formatted table that shows how much revenue each Account Executive has driven in a given month. How can I create a drill path so my users can see what Channel the revenue came from or what accounts provided the most revenue for that Account Exec?


  • Table cards (but not Sumo tables) can have drill paths.  For example, we have a table card that shows revenue by product line. Below that is a drill table (if you click on a product line value) which shows revenue by rep.  And if you click on rep, a new drill table is displayed that shows individual transactions.


    Each drill path just needs to be built to have the columns you want to display.  And if you click value on a column that's not drillable (like $214k of aggregated sales), the drill will look for a sales value of $200k and that probably isn't what you're looking for.  So just make sure you're clicking on sensible values when you're drilling.

  • @ChrisRM, did @AS's reply help you out?

  • Yes and No. I guess I misspoke because I was talking about Sumo Tables and I cannot drill into these according to the response.  

  • No, not from a Sumo table.  You could build out a regular table card and do it there, or create breakout cards and then "relate" them to your Sumo card so you can see other options and get there with one click.

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