Office Seating Chart: Is there a way to visualize in Domo?

Greetings! New user here, and one problem I'd like to tackle is to create a dynamic organizational seating chart. I searched apps and other posts and found nothing.


Is there a way to have a unique desk/seating layout built onto a card showing who sits where, open desks, moves, etc? I envision that the actual data would be sourced from a Google Sheet with Seat # and Employee, updated by HR accordingly, which can then populate some type of Adobe Illustrator/custom seating chart on a card. I doubt anything like this exists currently, but figured it's worth asking around. Thanks!


  • Domo uses a map this for their internal employees and it's amazing.  It has office and cubicle blue prints by floor, by campus building, with searchable info for employees and their location numbers, and linkable to their Domo profiles. Regular conference rooms are on the map also, I believe.

    It's an interactive custom app but acts like a card on Domo pages.  For general information contact one of their Domo's Major Domos if possible, or get in touch with your consultant, account managers, or support and see if they can connect you.

  • Thanks Aaron. Sounds like exactly what I'm looking for. I'll contact our consultant. 

  • You bet. It's extremely useful.  Domo could make some good money off selling that app, for sure. 

  • @treyface20,


    I let @kwilck know about this and he will follow up with you and your team!




  • Hi @DaniBoy


    Can I create custom visuals in Illustrator and push it to Domo? I have been using widgets for a while and feel they are very limited in functionality. It'll be great to create visuals in Illustrator, html, css and javascript and upload them in DOMO. Is this doable? Posting this question here since I couln't find a link to ask a new question to the community.




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