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when importing (direct from the server via the connector) data from SFDC, the amount field is coming through as text, now it does have the currency denomination in it (EUR, USD etc.) and commas/periods but even when taking these out via a replace in the ETL it still will not convert the field to a numeric field.


any suggestions on how to overcome this welcome



Thanks in advance

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    Best is to ensure the column is set as a number type of some kind on the dataset side.  This can be done through MagicETL/Redshift.  If it can't be done, do the Beast Mode trick.  And if that doesn't work on the preview, try saving the card first and seeing if the full card view will display the card correctly even though it doesn't appear to on the card builder.  And if that doesn't work, get on the phone with support.


  • Sometimes in my beast modes I've been able to multiply text, that should be a number, by 1.  Then I use that beast mode in my cards.


    For example, '3'*1 usually resolves as 3*1 to get 3.

  • @Skimblet, did @AS's reply help you out?

  • I am also having this same issue, when I multiply the field by 1 in beast mode it shows as a number field but when I try to use it in a visualization I get the errror "Preview could not be loaded, please try again".

  • Thanks all


    Managed to convert to text after replacing the text as ""


    there are limitations in the error reporting as unless it narrows it down to just one specific problem it doesnt tell you what it is, just that there is a problem, the same with calculations (from my experience so far anyway)

  • Hi Everyone -

    I have posted an idea for this to be fixed, and also pointed out that this issue does not exist in the downloads to Excel.  

    Repair how Domo handles the 'Amount' field from Salesforce

    I hope this helps!