Multiple Accounts per Connector

I am trying to connect multiple accounts for one connector. For example, I have 8 seperate accounts for Facebook and Twitter. I would like to set up an account for each indiviual login and create datasets unique to the account of my choosing. How can this be done?




  • You can have as many accounts of each type as you would like.  We routinely have mutiple social media accounts connected in customer instances.  When you go into the facebook connector, for example, and choose "Select an Account" you will see an list of existing accounts, and an option to add another account as well.


    The following document describes managing multiple accounts:

  • It will not allow me to add another account. It simply re-writes over my curent account. I connect it under the account nav in the data center, and re-name it to what I need, but then I go into the Facebook dataset creator and I select my credentials as "Add Account..." and that's when it will re-write my current connection I just made, after I enter in the credentials for the new account I am trying to add. 




  • I have not experienced that.  If that is happening, please contact Domo support.  We definitely support multiple accounts.  One thought -- Do you have administrator privilages?

  • I do have administrator privilages, so I will go ahead and create a ticket for this.